Thursday, 29 November 2012

New extruder & CNC machine

There are a few designs for printable mk7 style extruders but none that suited the hardware I had around. So this one was designed and printed out in a couple of hours. I got the drive gears off Ebay. So far it looks like it should work pretty well.

The CNC machine has taken a bit of a change in direction. The origional was having issues with the rod bending when under strain. Instead of spending lots of money getting bigger rod we  just opted to make the working area a bit smaller. I ended going with a mendel 90 style design.
The spindle was made with a couple of bearings and a shaft pulled from an extension thingie that came with the rotary tool. The original bearings on the extension thingie were a bit rubbish so I couldn't just use it how it was. Its allmost back to its original state of functionality, just a bit more tinkering.

I also noticed on the original design that the actuation nuts had a little bit of play. I've added a second nut on this design, the two are rotated onto each other to a point were the play is greatly reduced. If its done just right the friction doesn't get too ridiculous either which is handy.