Sunday, 1 July 2012

Burnside Reprap

First Daughter machine!  built for Burnside High School. construction took two weeks of on and off building, somewhat larger than what I expected, though most of the time was spend re-doing things in an attempt to make the machine less "year nine-able".

This beast features a number of fancy parts. The RepRapPro cross brace, an innovation ive not seen commonly used though incredibly effective for both bracing the frame and eliminating any wobble. And my Y-axis motor mount (On Thingiverse) that I'm possibly over-proud of. Not quite incredibly effective, functional.

We used Sanguinololu on this machine, even made a lovely little box shown. Pretty tidy if I may say so myself, what with plugs, cable glands and a noticeable lack of MDF. 


  1. You should put a contact us link up.

  2. Great work. Are you willing to sell them to other schools?

    1. Potentially, I think most of us would be keen to do some more building

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  4. Well done, folks. Now you know you can do it :)

    I'm the Reprap guy that pioneered the use of PLA filament in 3D printing; the factory is in Henderson. Watching what you're doing give me a very satisfying feeling!

    I might be able to help a bit: I have some rolls of filament that came out in strange colours, and I keep those specially to give to students to make Repraps with. Free. vik _(squiggly)_ diamondage dut co dut nz.