Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Electronics update

We are using RAMPS v1.3 with an arduino duemilanove clone (seeeduino) running the Teacup firmware.
The RAMPS board was made in my kitchen with the toner transfer method.
Here are some pics of the PCB in various stages of completion:

The arduino is connected to the RAMPS board via a 25 wire ribbon cable with a DB-25 connector in between:

This way I can disconnect the arduino from the Reprap and still use it as an arduino.

Here are the pululo A4983 stepper motor drivers (in the pink bags):

One of the guys in the group had a spare bipolar motor which we are using for testing.
Here is a video of the electronics under test:

As you can see the test went well. The 4 stepper motors have been ordered and will be here before the weekend.

So thats were we are at with regards to electronics for the reprap project

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